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Maiden Rising STAR

"We need to be confident with what we wear and how we feel"

NameJess aged 14, has been playing for 9 years. 
Cricket Story:  I play for Mill Hill School, Totteridge Millhillians CC and Hertfordshire County. Cricket has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I have always been heavily involved with it. Whether it was having a drink at the local CC with my dad or attending my brothers or my own matches. I have always been heavily passionate about it and have made some very special friendships. My proudest moment was 3 bowling wickets in a u18 county match.  I'd love to make a job out of the sport and inspire other young girls to prove they can do it too!  At school cricket is seen as the sport no one wants to do when the summer comes around but I want to change that and create a team full of happy and willing cricketers. 
Why do you love Maiden and wanted to be an ambassador?  I want to help show girls that with your clothing it isn't just for boys it’s for us too! And if we can play in clothing that actually fits us then we can do anything. I want to help prove to others that not only can girls play to the standards of boys and beat society’s expectations, but they can find it fun and enjoyable as well. With many of us dedicating our summers to the game we need to be confident with what we wear and how we feel. This is where maiden cricket smashed it, creating clothes girls want to wear!