Cricket Clothing for Girls

Maiden Cricket Mission

Our objectives go beyond helping girls feel accepted by the cricket world. We aspire to enable long-term change in cricket. Women are core to cricket's future, and that future needs clothing fit for purpose. Our cricket clothing has been designed for girls, by girls – allowing players to focus on their game, as their kit is covered.


We want to play our cricket, girls' cricket, wearing and using kit designed specifically for us. With your support, we hope Maiden will become the foundation of women's cricket everywhere.


"Ever since my father took me and my younger twin siblings to Barnes Cricket club, aged 7, I've loved playing cricket. When I started, I was the only girl amongst 40 boys, but eventually our own girls' team was formed at school, in Sussex and at the local club too. But I always felt I was playing a boy's sport. The trousers, tops, jumpers and the equipment, designed for boys, their shape, their features; I felt like an imposter. Nothing was designed for girl cricketers and our growing bodies. I wanted to change that!"


"Following my older sister’s passion, I also started to love cricket. I've trained every week from aged 10 and play matches each Saturday. I hate sharing anything with my twin brother - but especially his cricket kit, which I had to when I started. I never felt the cricket clothing was made for girls or designed to empower our game... until now!

Our Designs
for Girls Playing Cricket

Our bodies, our shapes and our needs are different. So, our approach when it came to design also needed to be different.

We started with what we, as girls, really need to play our game of cricket. Working with experts, we developed the essential garments to make you feel great when you play.

We’ve included more sizes, adjustable hems, stretch fabrics and more features to make sure our cricket clothing for girls fits well, so that we can perform better.

Maiden’s design philosophy is shaped by our vision of a world where girls no longer feel like outsiders on the cricket field, ensuring every seam, fabric, and fit embodies the unique dynamics of womens' cricket. 

We think it’s important that whatever we make, we are responsible and protective towards the environment for our future.


Recycled Polyamide 
Recycled from fishing nets and waste, it's high wear resistant; this means its strong, durable and resilient, just like we need to be playing cricket. It also has low absorbency, wicks away moisture, and dries quickly. 

It’s a highly elastic fibre, which provides comfort and stretch as well as gives you freedom to move. It also has high recovery (returning to its original shape after it's been stretched). 

It's breathable, quick drying and resilient - keeping you cool while you play.

QNova (Trouser and Shirt) 
An environmentally-sustainable recycled Nylon obtained from regenerated raw materials in accordance with present-day traceability criteria and requirements. Q-NOVA® enables us to manufacture more lightweight fabrics with the same qualities as fabrics made from Cotton or Polyester, but sustainably.

Our Cricket Clothing