Are you a school or a club with a passion for girls' cricket? Interested in purchasing personalised cricket clothing for your team? We'd love to hear from you.

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Cricket is growing in popularity at all levels, and there are more opportunities than ever for girls to play cricket. 

Young and teen girls who dream of cricketing glory, they are the heart of Maiden Cricket. The ones who yearn for gear that celebrates their part in the sport's narrative.

These are girls who understand that cricket isn't just a boys' club anymore - it's their field too.

In addition to schools, cricket clubs are also growing womens' and junior teams. These clubs offer a great opportunity for girls, and abilities to play cricket in a competitive environment. 

Girls Cricket Clothing

Maiden's mission includes tailoring and personalising clothing for Schools and Community Cricket Clubs.

Empower your girls' teams with our stylish and performance-driven cricket kit. Contact us now to discuss our launch offers.

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