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Maiden Rising STAR

Beatrice Loves Fashion & Cricket - "Maiden is inspirational, amazing quality and I want to wear it at the Oval and Lords one day!"

Name: Beatrice aged 9, has been playing for 3 years.

Cricket Story:  I play for my school in the A team & matches with my clubs, Birdham & Chichester. I would love to keep playing cricket & get to play for England & one day wear Maiden Kit at the Oval and Lords. 
Why do you love Maiden and wanted to be an ambassador?  Because I think it’s brilliant that you have designed and made this kit. I want to be a fashion designer and I love cricket. Maiden is an amazing inspiration to younger girls; the quality of the kit is outstanding. I would like to introduce Maiden Kit to schools and clubs in my area that don’t have a girl's cricket kit & just buy any whites from a sports shop.